think about it...

A lot has happened in the last few weeks globally. There is so many people who feel unrest, who are fearful of the future and really worry about the next few years. Last Sunday, we briefly touched on this but definitely felt the concern most have. I just wanted to share some thoughts I have as I have been thinking about how to respond. 

First. I think a simple ‘sorry’ would go a long way. 

I am not naive. I realize those words may be just words, but there is something that happens when you say sorry. It is a humbling thing. It is a self reflection moment. It is allowing someone to begin the process of healing and moving on. What I see in the US right now is what happens when you do not say sorry or show any remorse; separation. A nation divided. 

Just as in any relationship, if one person hurts the other and there is no point of understanding that hurt, there is a divide, a space created. This divide causes us to do things out of hurt, anger and cause even more pain… all because we are not able to reconcile. There has to be a point where the person who has done the hurting realizes that they have indeed hurt someone. I really think the election, this mess has hurt a nation badly. It is hurt, divided and in need of someone to simply say sorry. People are unable to show compassion because they are hurting. People are not able to let go because no one has even acknowledged the hurt. People are resorting to violence because they are angry and fearful. And not to go all Star Wars on you, but as Yoda says, 

“Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering” 

There is far to much fear and hate already in this world, why not become a person of peace and reconciliation instead of a agent for causing more hurt? Which leads to my second point...

Second. Please stop posting your opinions of said election. It is not helping anyone. 

Look, I get it. You have strong opinions about Trump or Hilary or the ‘media’. But every time you post about it, you are just adding to the garbage that is out there. You are adding to the fear, the divisiveness and leaving people more uneasy. I get it, you have picked a side and are wanting to support that person (even if they are in other country and you have no actually influence one way or the other because you live IN CANADA). So please just stop. You are not helping anyone. Pray for peace, looks for ways to bring peace to others, this is what we should be focusing on, not why so-and-so is evil, etc. etc. 

Side note: If you need an even better reason to stop, realize that a lot of election posts on Facebook where fake. They are denying it, but read here and here. (FYI I am not fully believing these articles, but it makes you wonder)

Third. There are some things in the bible that are commands. Things like ‘love your neighbour’ and ‘do not judge’. But in there is also, “do not worry” and I think that is something we all should take to heart. If you place all your trust in humans, in politicians or even pastors; you are headed for a giant disappointment. Although it is a hard thing to do, trust God. Let him be where you rest. It may take time, it may be difficult; but it is an amazing thing. 

Let’s keep writing the story of us that is the one we want to write… 
not the story we are told to write

...the story continues