Dear Santa...

Christmas is one of those few times a year that people from all walks of life, even faiths, seem to celebrate. There is a 'spirit' about Christmas to many. For Christians, it should be when we think of how far God goes to express his love for ALL. 

If I can, I just want to draw your attention to two videos that I saw today. Just Two. Then, I am going to proceed to give some thoughts about them and by no means you have to read.. but common! You read this far :) 

The first: here
This pastor decides his loving act of this beautiful season will be to walk into a shopping mall, full of people from all walks of life and I am sure faiths, to tell them that Santa is not real. He proceeds to tell the hopeful kids, the parents waiting in line and anyone within this mall that we need to stop lying to them about Santa. He is convinced that what he is doing is loving...  but is it?

Is it loving to tell someone who is a die hard Raptors fan that the Toronto Raptors will not win the NBA title before the season even starts? We know that they probably wont! But it is possible. There is hope. That is what makes sports great. It is the possibility that it 'could' happen and sometimes does. So we shouldn't show up and cheer? We shouldn't support the team, the players or have fun? (isn't that what Santa is anyway... Fun?) Am I lying to my kid (who is a raptors fan) that they can win? Should I tell the truth to him and tell him that they literally have ZERO chance of winning it all this year? And he would be foolish to hope that they will ever get past Lebron! What greater good does that do? What does knowing this 'truth' do for him?

You can tell all the truth you want but if its not spoken with love as the motivation, then you are nothing but noise. 

If you are angry and are starting to hate on this pastor, don't be. Please. I don't think he knows how beautiful life can be. I think he believes that he is doing a loving thing but I am not sure he knows the depths of love that is truly Jesus. 

And that leads me to my second video: here

Tissues anyone? 

Sorry... but what this man, this Santa did for that little boy was incredible. He gave that boy hope. He gave him joy. He did not judge, he did not ask for anything... Is this more like Jesus? We all know Santa is not real. But would it help this young boy at all? Would the truth matter? Would Jesus receive this boy who has suffered through sickness and has seen more hospitals in his short amount of days then most of us in our entire lives? I certainly am hopeful that this young boy is received and that this Santa knows how important that moment was. 

So here is my letter to Santa. The man. Not the fairytale, the one in the video.

Dear Santa...
Thank you for holding that young boy in your arms. 
Thank you for being willing.
Thank you for giving that young boy hope. 
You are a giving joy to kids everywhere
You are giving hope to kids and I thank you. 
Please keep loving our children and giving them time to sit and share their hopes and dreams.
God bless you. 

John 13:35

What do you think? Which person shows the love we should be showing? Is truth the highest form of love? Or is compassion and understanding? What Should Christians do with Santa? 

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