Welcome to the new Story website!

Thanks so much for visiting the new Story church web site! 

Story is a new church in the liberty heights area (north Bowmanville). We are a great place for those who are looking for a community and working out what it means to follow Jesus. We try to bless our community as much as we can and we try to be a real as we can. We are part of a greater family (BIC Canada) that believes; 

"We are a growing faith community following Jesus, sharing his message and extending his peace around the world." 

Footnotes and Bookmarks is a fancy way of saying blog. But more than that, it is a place where we will post recaps (book marks or reminders of where we left off) and further discussion topics or resources (footnotes or extra reading). It will be updated weekly. 

That is all for now! 

the story continues...