broadcasting Christians

It is hard to paraphrase the last few weeks at Story. We have celebrated, mourned and prayed about a number of things. We have taken time to process, pray for and discuss Orlando. We have dived into scriptures about alcohol and awareness of what God is up to. We celebrated a dedication of a child to raise them in the awareness of God in a christ-centred home. 

All. Good. Things. 

In the US, there are a lot of things happening that make me question what it is to be a ‘christian’. And this could be anything from the ‘christians’ defending owning semiautomatic guns, to now dubbing Donald Trump a ‘born again’ believer. 

Look, we are not to judge any one persons public platform as christian or not. In fact, if you tell me that I should go see this “christian mechanic” you know, I am less likely to actually go there. Why? Because its broadcast. 

What I have found is that the most honest, genuine and loving Christ followers are the ones that never broadcast it. 

Well that is weird. Shouldn’t you tell others you are a christian? Didn’t you share or repost that image of Jesus that says, “Re-tweet this to acknowledge me and ill do the same before my father”??? 

I did not retweet it. Or share it. I may have blocked you. 

I recently came across an article that I have found very interesting (I couldn’t find it again as i wrote this, but i am sure its out ‘there’). It was how there were times in the bible that Jesus healed or did a miracle and then told them to be quiet about it (Look at Mark 1:43-44 for example).  He did this because broadcasting the miracle would interrupt what he was trying to do. He needed to keep a low profile sometimes so that people could meet him genuinely rather than hear what he could do first. 

There are sometimes when being loud about what God is doing actually hinders what he is doing. There are times when saying boldly you are a ‘Christian’ only brings up all the baggage that word brings up.

So my question is, what is your experience with ‘christians’ who wear the label loudly? 
Do they spark an interest in you or are you turned off by them? 
Have you experienced real Jesus followers who inspired you?
What was the difference? 

Looking forward to hearing your responses!! 

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