proving Jesus with lego?

One thing that I really like about my other job, is that I get to meet a wide spectrum of people! I hear a lot of different beliefs, views of God or sometimes just listen to how people process what is out there. I was recently asked about why I think jesus is relevant at all when it comes to God. Can't we all just be good people and not try to hurt each other? 

I have heard this for many years. And have wrestled with it. I get that we really want to be independent of God or for most people religion. There is a major difference between those two though and I am not sure most of us get that. 

But, what does this have to do with Lego? 
First ill say that it is not this! 

Say, its 3:00am. 
Say, you have kids that own lego. 
Say, you walk on said lego. 


Anyone who has done this knows exactly what it feels like to step on these little blocks, painful. And I bet that without even thinking about it, you probably swore (or meant to) by saying 'Jesus Christ' 


See, what is funny to me is that you even know that name at all. Let alone that name being on your mind in a moment of pain that you would say it out loud. I find it bizarre that we speak the name of Jesus when we are hurt, when things are not right or when we see something that out of the ordinary, we say the name Jesus. 

Why do you think that is? 

Why is the name of Jesus on the tip of your tongue? Even if you do not 'know' him? 

I think, it is an indicator for us. It is a clue as to the type of God that is out there. Personal, alive and available to be called upon. Sure we can not physically 'see' jesus, but we can see what he does in every day people. We can't just dismiss that we even call on his name out of nowhere. Why not budda? Or some other religious name? 

I think it is a clue for us. A clue that maybe Jesus is not only real, but wants to be in relationship with us.  

But isn't this using the "lord's name is vain?" ???? 
That is another topic for one day...

the story continues...