Why get dunked!

Why get dunked? (or water baptized)

When I decided to do this Jesus thing (aka. follow his lead, his way of letting love guide), I started to read how he wanted his followers to be water baptized. 

For those who don’t know what that is, it is this

No, it is way more than that lol
Despite the 50% divorce rate (did you see that coming?), people get married a lot. 

Even when they are in long term relationships, committed ones and have found their ‘one’; they decide to have a ceremony, a public declaration even of this special love they have. It is a ceremony, to symbolize coming together, union of lives, to enter into a covenant that will be forever…. 

It is kind of beautiful! 

Its an old tradition, that is still practised and enjoyed by thousands everyday. 

When it comes to water baptism, it is similar in a way to the marriage ceremony. 
There isn't a first kiss, or sex after; but there is a death (bet you didn't see that coming either!) 

Death? At a wedding? Yes. 

Death to the single, 'me first' mentality. 
Death to me, and life to ‘us’ 
And where there is death, there is usually life. 

To follow Jesus, you can not hold onto ‘stuff’ like caring if you are keeping up with the ‘Jones’ or caring if you have 1000 twitter followers. You can not hold onto selfishness and unforgiveness.
It costs a lot to follow Jesus. A lot. Some things will have to die, so that you can live. 

Depression, anger, not feeling you are good enough. 
The weight of your mistakes. 
The way you try to do things to please God, but are not helping. 
The way you try to please everyone, because you don’t know how to care about you (that ones touchy)

These things need to go to make room for life. 
Sure we can just say “God you take it” and believe it. 
But we as humans, seem to have this need to ‘do something’ to believe it. 
In fact, I would argue, it is one of the ways we know we are truly committed to something (or someone) is that we have some sort of celebration, ritual?! 

Enter water baptism. 

It is the time when we get the chance, to tell someone we love them. 
It is the time when we get to shed the things that keep us down, symbolically (and physcailly) leave them in the water and come up free. 
It is the time when we publicly say, “Me and Jesus are BFF’s” 
It is the time when we say, publicly, “I love him” 
It is the time we leave our old life (stuff) behind to embrace the new....

Sunday is our water baptism + bbq day. 

If you haven't been baptized and think you are down for this; let us know. 
We will be celebrating the new addition to the family of God. 
You are welcome to come, be a part of the day and our family… 

Party on Sunday!! 
See you there??!