The action of being still

This past Sunday we read the verse, “Be still and know that I am God” 

Make no mistake, being still is an action.  
It is taking time. 
It is taking a step out of chaos and busyness of every day. 
It is sitting in the middle of the chaos and letting peace overtake you. 

Being still is:

An act of trust. 

For the most part, I think most of us pray for things and then try to do it ourselves. We don’t trust that God wants to help us or even that he cares. By us being still, we are taking an action or position of trust. Trust that God's timing is perfect. Trust that God does care and that God does indeed want the best for us.  Things might not happen when we want them too and yes sometimes he says no, but sitting with that too is an act of trust. It is trusting that God sees the bigger picture and that he knows what we need and what we do not. 

An act of rebellion

Almost everything around us today is about keeping you busy and distracted. Whether it is social media or simply the chaos of everyday life. By us sitting and taking time to breathe, reflect and re-center, we are rebelling against the forces and voices that get us distracted and focusing on all the things we wished we had. We rebel by simply sitting and positioning ourselves to be thankful and practice gratitude when the world tries to tell you are entitled to more and you need more to be complete. Rebel. 

An act of love

Time spent with loved ones is one of the best things we can do as humans. The act of being still in the moment allows us to be fully present. Here. Not anywhere else. That, is one of the best way we can love. Being here. Now. Fully. Being Still is becoming aware of the present and living in it. Allowing love to wash over you and others. 

May you take a moment.
Each day.
To breathe.
To be still.
To be present. 
To trust God and know that he indeed does have your best in his mind.

May you be still and let your mind stop for a moment and trust that God has your back. 
May we, rebel together and love deeper.